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Should parents be IN the pictures with their newborn?

Welcoming a newborn into the family is an exciting and precious moment that parents cherish forever. Newborn photography is a great way to capture the fleeting moments of a baby's first few weeks of life. However, one common mistake parents make during these sessions is not being in the pictures with their baby. I know this firsthand. My three kids were born before I became a newborn photographer. The photographer who took their newborn pictures was very talented and captured images that I treasure. But her space did not allow for my husband and I to be included in any of the images with our babies. At the time, this didn't concern me. Those first few weeks after having a baby are stressful enough. I didn't want to have to do my hair and makeup and look "picture ready." But looking back, I realize how much I would love to have had professional pictures of me WITH my babies. This is the main reason I include pictures of parents and siblings with all newborn sessions, if desired.

  • A beautiful memory for the family:

Newborn photography is not just about capturing the cute little details of the baby. It's also about capturing the special moments between the baby and the family members. As parents, you will want to remember the beautiful memories of holding your baby in your arms forever. Being in the pictures with your baby during a newborn photo session is the best way to cherish these special moments and create a beautiful memory for your family. I love capturing a family's first family photo!

  • Show the bond and connection between the family members:

Newborn photography with the family provides an opportunity to showcase the bond and connection between the family members. The love and affection between the baby and the parents, grandparents, and siblings are some of the most beautiful things to capture in the pictures. The parents' presence in the photos will highlight the deep connection and love between the family members and create lasting memories.

  • Celebrate the parents as well:

Newborn photography is not just about capturing the baby. It's also an opportunity to celebrate the parents and their journey into parenthood. As parents, you deserve to be celebrated during this special time in your life. Being in the pictures with your baby during a newborn photo session will make you feel special and help you remember this unique phase in your life.

  • Help the baby feel secure:

Having parents in the pictures during a newborn photo session can help the baby feel more secure and comfortable. The parents' presence can help the baby feel safe and reassured, making the photo session go more smoothly. This, in turn, can result in better pictures that capture the baby's natural beauty and personality.

If you are feeling a bit hesitant to step in front of the camera, but still want to be represented in the pictures, another option is to have your hands be in the pictures. These pictures are so meaningful.

I feel that parents should be in pictures with their baby during a newborn photo session. These pictures often end up being some of my favorite pictures from each session! It's important to remember that these special moments with your newborn are fleeting, and having beautiful pictures that capture them will be treasured for a lifetime. So, don't hesitate to step in front of the camera and create beautiful memories with your baby!

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