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My 6 Favorite Props for Newborn Sessions

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

I like to plan newborn sessions well in advance, so I can make sure everything is ready when my clients arrive. My newborn sessions usually consist of three portions: family, table poses, and props. Babies are often wrapped or in an outfit for props. Here are my 6 favorite props to use during newborn sessions.

1. Crates

Crates can be styled very elaborately or very simply. I love how versatile they are.

2. Bowls

I have a few bowls in varying sizes and colors. Babies sure look cute all curled up in a bowl!

3. Heart Bowl

Technically, I could have included the heart bowl in the "bowls" category, but I think it deserves a category of its own. It is a favorite for baby girls, but I think it works great for boys, too!

4. Baskets and Buckets

Baskets and Buckets are fun to use during sessions. Once again, these can be styled so many different ways.

5. Bed

It's pretty cute to see a baby in a tiny, baby-sized bed. These are also great to use in sibling pictures!

6. Shelf

This teddy-bears-on-a-shelf pose is one of my favorites! Don't worry, baby is safely lying flat on the ground for all of these images. Safety is my number 1 priority.

Bonus: Furs

Furs aren't technically a "prop," but they definitely deserve to be mentioned. I have several different colors, and I just love to see babies all comfy!

I love designing every newborn session to be unique for each client. If you have a prop in mind that you'd like to use during your session, please let me know!


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