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Halloween 2019

Happy Halloween!! Here are my three kiddos in their costumes. I'm not sure how long they will go along with themed costumes, so I've gotta enjoy it while I can!

You'd think with twin girls, they'd always fight over who got to be the princess. Luckily, one of my girls is soooo not into pink, so she was thrilled to get to be Mario!

On the other hand, this daughter LOVES pink and was super excited to be Princess Peach. My mom is super talented when it comes to sewing... she even made my wedding dress! Unfortunately, I have not inherited those talents (or maybe I just haven't worked enough to develop them). Either way, I was pretty pleased that I was able to add the hot pink fabric to this pink dress we already had to make it work as a Princess Peach costume.

My son loved being Toad. I'm embarrassed to admit that all three of my kids know way more about Mario than I do.

They had a wonderful time trick-or-treating in our neighborhood!

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