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Double the Fun!

I have twin girls who are 6 years old. The newborn stage with them was challenging, but I've got to admit that I totally miss those days of having two tiny newborns around the house. So, of course, I jumped at the chance to photograph these sweet little guys for their newborn session.

Aren't they so precious?! I'm a firm believer that twins should have lots of pictures together, but also plenty of individual pictures.

Gosh, I can't get over how cute they are!! A twin newborn session requires a lot of patience, but seeing the final images makes it all worth it!

These sweet boys have an older brother who is just as cute as they are. I love taking family pictures at newborn sessions!

I'm just loving these Wood Circles for Newborn pictures.

If these were my babies, I'd definitely want to display these pictures big on their wall like this!

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