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Beanbag/Table Poses for Newborn Photo Sessions

My newborn sessions typically consist of three parts: the family pictures, the prop pictures, and the beanbag/table pictures. Today I want to focus on the beanbag/table pictures. When I first started photographing newborns, I used a beanbag to pose the babies. Beanbags seemed to be the posing tool of choice for the majority of newborn photographers 5+ years ago. However, in recent years I have seen a drastic shift away from using beanbags. Most photographers use a table or even a dog bed to pose newborns now, and these are what I currently use. Several layers of soft fabric is draped over the table to create a bit of cushion for the baby.

There are a few specific poses I like to do on either the table or the dog bed. I have taken courses to learn how to properly achieve these poses, while keeping baby's safety as my number one priority. It is important to not attempt to do these poses at home unless you have been trained.

All Tucked In

The "All Tucked In Pose" is one of my favorites! I love that it can be done with babies that are awake or asleep. There are so many variations you can get of this one, simple pose.

Huck Finn

Another pose I love doing with babies is the "Huck Finn" pose. I'm not really sure how it got its name, but that's how it's known in photography circles. :) Basically, it's when the baby is lying on his or her back, usually with the legs curled up toward them. Baby can be wrapped or wearing an outfit.

Bum Up

A lot of table poses are best when baby is sleeping soundly. It's possible to achieve these poses when baby is awake, but it will be a lot more challenging. The "Bum Up" pose is definitely one that is easiest when baby is sound asleep. Not all parents want naked pictures of their baby, but when they do this is one of the best poses for it. I also love doing this pose with baby in a cute outfit.


The "Side-Lying" pose is super sweet. This is another one that can be a little tricky to do when baby is awake. Babies just wiggle a little too much to stay in this pose if they are awake.


This is the "Taco" pose. It's not one I do very often, but it is pretty cute seeing them all curled up! Babies need to still be really bendy in order to stay in this pose. It is also called the "womb pose" for a reason.

Chin on Hands

I love the "Chin on Hands" pose. The focus is all on baby's sweet face.

Mug Shots

"Mug shots" are so much fun!! This is a great way to showcase baby's personality. I love all of the different expressions we get. These make great collages.

Table poses are also great for getting close-ups! Look how sweet these little faces are!

No matter which table poses we do, we will capture some adorable pictures of your precious baby!

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