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  • Hilary Webb

Time for School!

August 19th was a big day in our family! It was the first day of school for the boys. My husband, Brian, started his first day of his accounting PhD program at Oklahoma State University. I'm so proud of him and this challenging path he has decided to pursue!

It was also the first day of school for the youngest member of our family. Carson started preschool in the Froggy classroom. He is loving it so far!

Ella and Lily were supposed to start Kindergarten that day as well, but the new Westwood Elementary building was still under construction. They waited a long time for their first day of kindergarten, and are so excited that it is finally here!

The girls and I had some fun the other day in their Westwood shirts. Aren't they cute?

They are proud to be Eagles! It will be fun when Carson can join them at Westwood next year for Pre-K. Funny side note- Ella begrudgingly agreed to wear this shirt for these pictures, but she has refused to wear it since. She says it isn't "pretty enough." :) Seeing her friends wear it on Fridays isn't enough to convince her. Lily, on the other hand, LOVES it because it is blue. It will be interested to settle into our new school routine!

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