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  • Hilary Webb

Our New Home - Stillwater, Oklahoma

I was born in Germany. My father was in the US military, so I grew up moving every two or three years. I don't really have one place I call "home." Home is always just wherever my family is at the moment. We've spent the last three years in Indiana, and we loved it there! But my husband has decided to pursue a PhD in accounting at Oklahoma State University, so we are making the move to Stillwater, Oklahoma! When we were researching which schools we wanted my husband to apply to, I fell in love with Stillwater. It seems like such a wonderful place to live and raise a family. I am so excited to make Stillwater our home for the next four years!

We came out to Stillwater last week to find a home. We found a great home in the southwest area of town, and we will be all moved in at the end of July. Our twin daughters will be starting Kindergarten at Westwood Elementary, and our son will be starting preschool. I can't wait to see what these next four years hold for this little family of mine!

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