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  • Hilary Webb

Baby Janey

Baby Janey came to me at 6 days old. She holds the title for biggest baby in my studio, weighing in at 10 pounds, 1 ounce at birth! My own babies were pretty small, so I just love seeing all of her beautiful rolls!

Janey's family is so sweet, and I loved seeing the awe in their eyes as they marveled at their new baby girl. She is absolutely precious!

Janey's grandmother crocheted this adorable mermaid outfit for her, and Janey's mom requested a picture with her wearing it. I love that I was able to perform some Photoshop magic to add water to the image.

Photographing newborns makes my heart HAPPY!! I am honored that I get to capture these fleeting moments that families will be able to treasure forever!

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